The Dogs The Dogs Homer Homer has a big smile! 54181332 Flipped Ears Maddie has inside out ears! 54181333 Best Friends Maddie and Meena snuggle together. 54181334 Real Man Sleep in Pink Beds 54181335 My kids Homer and Maggie with Melissa 54181336 Allegra Allegra gives a big grin. 54181337 Madison Maddie on her first day in her new home with Melissa 54181338 Meadow Model Meadow models her rain coat. 54181341 Nap Time Meena naps on her toy. 54181342 Wolfgang My Wolfie, died 10-7-07. I miss the big man. 54181343 Holiday Maggie Maggie gets festive. 54182121 Flat Face Maddie Madison is relaxed. 54182122 Harry Harry the Airedale 54182123 Itchy Madison gets that itch. 54182124 Otis Otis the great dane relaxes. 54182125 Smoosh Face Homer has a sleepy face. 54182126 The Girls Meadow and Maddie take over the bed. 54182127 The Banner Welcome to Canine Castle! 54182128 Tucker and Fiona A game of tug is always fun at Canine Castle! 60638950 Riley Riley in a rare moment of rest! 60638951 Arfie Arfie, the permanent resident of Canine Castle, takes a nap. 60638952 Meena Meena gives a grin. 60638953 Arfie Arfie shows off her shirt. 60638954 TUG! Tucker, Meena and Harry are all about tugging! 60638955 Arfie Arfie gets warm after a bath. 64694643 Best Friends Arfie and Fiona are best friends! 64694644 Tajaa 64694645 Tajaa Tajaa steals Arfie's bed 64694646 Arfie All dressed up in her sweater! 64694647 Big Smile! Riley just heard she was dog of the month for May! 80921689 Snoozer Fiona finds the best spot in the house for a nap! 80921690 Izzie The princess Pug-a-la 80921691 Arfie gets a new bed. She loves it! 80921692 Cori Cori borrows a bed for a nap. 80921693 I'm all ears! Dexter listens up 80921694 So Tired Meadow has melted. 80921695 You talkin' to me? Luna pricks up an ear. 80921696 Puppy Nap Lilly steals Arfie's bed for a snooze. 80921697 Awwwww So sweet! 80921698 Izzie Izzie 85805390 Tug! Izzie and Fiona 85805391 Big Smile! 85805392 Izzie Belly 85805393 Izzie, Fiona and Sadie 85805394 Izzie loves toys. 85805395 Big Sis and Little Sis 85805774